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You can do many things for help the people that are the victims of the bullying and other types like cyber bullying, social, physic, verbal or psychological. 
Experts agree that bullying not only exists in every school and community in our country, but it is also escalating at a frightening pace. Bullying, defined as strong preying on the weak has reached epidemic proportions in the U.S. as nearly one out of three American children have experienced bullying, either as the victim, perpetrator, or both with few victims letting on they are, in fact, victims. A Google search on "bullying," returns more than three million sites. Meanwhile, millions of research dollars are being poured into studying child and adolescent violence and the National Institute of Mental Health considers bullying one of the anti-social behaviors to watch for.
What can you do?
•You can speak up against bullying. Say something like, “stop it.”
•Walk away. Act like you do not care, even if you really do.
•Tell an adult you trust. They may have ideas about what you can do.
•Stick together. Staying with a group might help. This can you help to stop this person that is you feel bad.
You have many options to solute the bullying problems like they are present. Always they will have effects in the persons that can ultimately damage the victim’s life. Young kids who are bullied are more likely to skip school and stay home because they are afraid of going to school and being harassed by one of their peers, thus eventually damaging the young student’s education.
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How we can stop cyber bullying once it start:
Because their motives differ, the solutions and responses to each type of cyber bullying incident has to differ too, there is not a solution for all the different cases of the cyber bullying, but one of the most preventive solutions is to reported it at time.
What is the schools role in this?
When schools try and get involved by disciplining the student for cyber bullying actions that took place off-campus and outside of school hours, they are often sued for exceeding their authority and violating the student's free speech right. Schools can be very effective to stop cyber bullying, because it can put sanctions to the person that do cyber bullying, or expulse of the institution.
What's the Parents' Role in This?
The parents can be a way of help if the tings be bad online or offline. But the kids didn’t say to her parents. Why? Because the parents tends to overreact the situation. Most of the kids prefer to don’t tell to her parents because it has fear to only make the things worse. (Calling the other parents, the school, blaming the victim or taking away Internet privileges.) Unfortunately, they also sometimes underreact, and rarely get it "just right."
by: Juan p. Restrepo
The occurrence of bullying at home is more often than people comprehend. Such situations are most difficult because, In case of a child being bullied, parents can either stop bullying or they can simply be a part of the problem. Staying calm is the key to solve such dilemma and helping the child to deal with what is going on.
The selection of the child as a target for bullying at home is sometimes an unsolved mystery. Also parents most attended with the hygiene of the children’s.
To stop being bullied children most have to learn how to behave forcefully but not aggressively and peacefully, also meanwhile the child state in home the fathers most have to keep of any bullied problem, then also the fathers or parents have the obligation of educated they sons before they start in the school to know how to control the different situations that can be seeing in different places.
In most cases the bullying become eventual and some common because it doesn’t work at home how to control this problem, before for the bullied guys home was the only place safe for they but today the technology is a method like internet use to see the people as a target in their home becoming from a victim to a cyber-victim.
Tips to control and help the children to overcome harm are necessary:
·         Professional counseling may be essential.
·         Talk with their parents about the things happening in the school.
·         If the parents don’t help the child most need to talk with another adult
·         Report to welfare state of your country if a family member or your parents are bullied you.
·         In some cases let your friends help you

The victims of bullying:

Have greater risk for depression and anxiety, including the following symptoms which may extend to adulthood:

• Increased feelings of loneliness and sadness

• Changes in eating and sleeping patterns

• Loss of interest in general

• Increased frequency and amount of suicidal thoughts

• More likely to have health complaints

• Low academic performance and

• Evidence of poor academic performance.

• Increased resistance to participate in school activities, community and society at large

• More likely to miss school, cutting classes or become dropouts

• Increased chance of wanting revenge through extreme measures. In 12 of 15 schools where incidents took place where students attacked other firearms during the 1990s, all the attackers had a history of being bullied.

• Increased vulnerability to alcohol, drugs, self-inflicted injury, self-medication, among others.

The agrressor:
The agrressor or the bullies are also affected by their behavior. They can be also starts to consume drug, alcohol and other dangerous products. Some bullies have before their 25 years have a criminal record. We can see that the agressor or the bully didn’t have self-control and always have their agressive attitude.

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In some cases the people know many things about people that have problems with his friends in the school (cyber, with his parents, or in the street) and he doesn’t say anything, he preferred to shut up and they continue listen, and reading message that only do feel bad, and stupid, ugly, fat or others thinks. Think these things make or feels the persons bad, miserable, stupid and there is no reason to do that always you can search person that help you to become out of this situation.
Bullying it’s a very big problem that shows how the persons can feel bad others only with his words, saying things like stupid, fat, bad words, sending message or laughing. Although in some schools that are private this cases of bullying it doesn´t look. Because the autorities in this institutions are very strict with his student and the rules are met. The respect for the other are very important.

Alejandro Piedrahita.

The bullying is very bad because cause bad consequences like a suicide or depress, frustrate, intimidation,  and many violence like in this video, cause sometimes the victim fight and hit the buly.
Another bad effect that cause bullying is that the victim can have some bad attitudes, like start bullying people, In severe cases, the victim may feel like avenge their suffering torturing, killing or taking adverse action on his assailant or "bully", or persons representing a threat to them psychologically, whether you remember as they were at the time to be victims or remind the "bully". Whether the effects are noticeable immediately and in those that can be observed in the long run, suicide is one of them.

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Bullying at Home (Family Bullying)
Bullying at home can be caused by many problems: economic, emotional, or physical. There are others   such as a parent loses, parent loses their job, an illness, a new baby or a marriage breakdown can cause serious conflict. Also, a new marriage creating a stepmother or father, along with stepbrothers or sisters, moving into the home will change the dynamics of a family. An adult or sibling can have problems with drugs, alcohol or other substances which may create bullying behavior.
Bullying in the home can be physical violence or verbal and emotional abuse. Sometimes it includes both.
Verbal abuse and emotional abuse can include name calling, constant fault-finding or , never giving praise or not even acknowledging your existence. The bully may try to set people within the family against each other by telling lies about the other person to provoke arguments.
Bullying at home can make you feel very alone and frightened.
You many want to talk to someone who won't judge you or tell you what to do, but who will listen to your thoughts, fears and feelings. Befriending centers can help. You don't have to tell them who you are, and everything you say will be treated in complete confidence.
The following links provide further information and support about bullying at home.
the parents of the kid for abuse can be demanding, directive, and unresponsive – which can lead kids to bully their peers at school. This parenting style is in direct contrast to a gentler parenting style, which is more nurturing, warm, and responsive. Children raised in non-authoritarian homes are less likely to bully at school.
“Children learn from their parents how to behave and interact with others,” Sweeney says. “So if they’re learning about aggression and angry words at home, they will tend to use these behaviors as coping mechanisms when they interact with their peers.”
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